The Ellesmere Busway

  • Where are the trucks?,
  • Where is the traffic?
  • Where are the people waiting for transit?
  • Where are the regular TTC buses that will also be using the curb lanes?
  • Where are the long line-ups of trucks and cars trying to turn left or making U-turns at the signalized intersections?
  • Both Markham & Ellesmere are already at capcity and way busier than shown in the picture, even on weekends!
    The Metrolinx Busway Plan for Ellesmere is a DISASTER!

    The proposed Metrolinx Bus Rapid Transit service on Ellesmere Road will destroy our community with no benefit to residents or businesses. The centre median approach will block all left-hand turns to/from driveways and side streets on Ellesmere. U-turns at signalized intersections or re-routing through neighbourhoods will be required for you to get to where you're trying to go; your home, to work, the grocery store. Existing transit users will gain nothing as most stops will need to continue to be serviced by existing TTC services; the frequency of which is expected to be reduced. Buses will now be occupying both dedicated bus lanes and curb lanes.

    The minimal time savings for riders on this section of Ellesmere with this proposal vs. buses in mixed traffic does not warrant the significant negative impact to the residents that live here and that will have to deal with this forever.

    Residents will have to deal with the construction to widen Ellesmere, move services (hydro, sewers and catch basins, fire hydrants). Not to mention the cutting down of hundreds of mature trees.

    This is an unnecessary waste of taxpayers hard-earned money that could be put to better use elsewhere.

    1. Ellesmere Rd. is an essential area for Scarborough-Guildwood and changing vehicle movement as drastically as proposed in Metrolinx plan would have a devastating impact on the many businesses and community for years to come.

    2. Metrolinx wants to reroute all cars, trucks and transport trucks from Ellesmere to Bellamy and Progress and then dump them onto Markham Rd.

    3. Metrolinx has not done any traffic studies for any of these streets and only has done traffic study for Ellesmere Road during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown so we know how accurate that is!

    4. Letís not forget that Markham Roadís capacity is already at a boiling point and canít handle any more traffic. It seems that Metrolinx and city managers missed the boat dealing with this issue and re-routing more traffic onto Markham road would be unmanageable.

    5. We donít believe Metrolinx and city planners will be able to come up with a plan to support local businesses and residents in the community. We feel they have only one goal and that is to get it passed. Who cares about the people? Metrolinx knows what is best for everyone and hates cars.

    6. We believe that left turns along with U-turns in a very busy intersection will be a safety issue for pedestrians and vehicles.

    7. It is time to plan the future of transit and the proper movement of vehicles within the city without trying to limit the use of cars and trucks that are crucial for our lives and Livelihoods. Donít forget busses transport people but cars and trucks transport people, products and all that is necessary for the wellbeing of a community.

    8. Please sign the petition below & order a lawn sign to let Metrolinx know how you feel.

    9. Please share this petition with your employees and neighbours. The more the merrier!

    10. Please send an email to your polititions.
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  • Premier Doug Ford,
  • Minister of Transportation, Caroline Mulroney,
  • Mayor John Tory
  • MP John McKay
  • your local MPP Mitzie Hunter
  • your city councillor Paul Ainslie

    for more info contact:
    Abdullah Arif